All you need to do is this! I’ll tell you the way of caring the hair of a Blythe doll which has a trouble.



Of course there is a Blythe doll such as simply guaba who is straight hair straight.


Even if you buy a new Blythe doll, you may get a Blythe doll which has a trouble about hair.


Hair is stiff and greasy, gets sticky.


You must be discouraged when you get such a Blythe doll.



This time I’ll tell you the way of caring the trouble hair at home.


I’ll tell you some ways, so let’s try the way like.




Let’s care the hair of a Blythe doll regularly!



When you buy a Blythe doll, I recommend you to buy hair care goods.


The hair of a Blythe doll is stiff.


In particularly you have to be careful when you buy a Blythe doll whose hair is a permanent hair.


Even if the Blythe doll is a very deluxe doll!



But you don’t have to hesitate.


If you care the hair of a Blythe doll regularly, the hair will turn surprisingly beautiful!


Necessities are a comb and hair care products.



I’ll tell you three kinds.

You only have to buy one.


【silicon spray】


Silicon spray is a lubricant, which can be used to various materials.


You can easily open hard-to-open shoji and fusuma after spraying.


Silicon spray has a surprising power.


This power enables you to handle hair smoothly.



There is a point of caution.


Silicon spray is harmful to human, so you must not use this in the closed room.


Never forget to open the window.



There are two kinds in silicon spray: for wigs and industrial use.


The price of a silicon spray for wigs is high and I recommend silicon spray industrial use.


You can buy it in home center.




【Oil for a wig】


Apply a few drops of oil to the palm of your hands.


After that apply your hands to the hair of a Blythe doll, and comb hair.


I buy a subdivision hair oil in an app.


I’m happy to buy it by 300 yen.




【Azone oil mist for a doll. 】


This is a oil mist for a doll.


This contains antistatic agent, so the hair of a Blythe doll become smooth.


You can spray hair directly.


The price is 864yen and very reasonable.






Hair is too stiff. Let’s solve by washing hair!


You can solve stiff and greasy but can’t solve sticky.


I bought a midi Blythe doll, whose hair is sticky so washed hair.


I use a softener containing silicon.


Superbly I made hair smooth.



I’ll tell you the way.


I wrapped a Blythe doll with wrap except for hair.


My mother screamed!


But this is very important work to protect a doll from water.



Put warm water(40℃)in the basin and one full cap of a softener containing silicon


The hair of a Blythe hair is easy to absorb the smell, so choise your favorite fragrance.


You gently put the hair of a Blythe doll in hot water.


After that wash hair with shower and dry with a towel.


Apply oil for a wig and dry with the cold air of the dryer.


Hot air is strictly prohibited.

If you dry with hot air, hair become melted.


I can solve sticky by this way.


Please remember not to use shampoo and treatise for human.






Did you like this?


I’ll tell you the way of solving stiff and sticky by yourself.


Simply care make the hair of a Blythe doll beautiful surprisingly.


Let’s try.


Thank you for reading to the end.