If you love Blythe doll, you should go to Junie Moon! I’ll tell you the attraction!



Those people who love Blythe doll want to go to Junie Moon at least once.


※Junie Moon is the shop which sells Blythe doll and goods.



Junie Moon has the online shop but everyone wants to go to the physical store.


Now there are three physical stores in Japan.


Tokyo Daikanyama shop

Tokyo Shinjyuku shop

Osaka Horie shop



By the way, what’s Junie Moon shop like?


I’ll tell you the basic information and the atomosphere of each physical store and word of mouth.




What’s Junie Moon shop like?



Junie Moon is directly managed store of CWC which totally produces Blythe doll.


Junie Moon is the prominent leader of Blythe.


Now there are two shops in Tokyo and one shop in Osaka.


I hope the number of Junie Moon shop will increase.


We can not only buy Blythe doll and goods but also enjoy viewing Blythe dolls.


Many Blythe dolls are displayed in the shop and showcase.


Staffs who work in Junie Moon change the display according to season and events.


And custom-designed dolls which were made by famous Blythe doll customers for a limited time.



In the past,the exhibition by yujiro was held in Junie Moon.


※yujiro is Japanese famous Blythe doll customer.


I saw some pictures and custom-designed dolls which were made by yujiro were very cute!



Junie Moon regularly holds work shop.


We can not only view or buy but also experience making something.



We can buy these goods in Junie shop.


◇Blythe doll

◇clothes which are made by handicraft writer

◇clothes which are made by professional shop



◇Blythe goods


The kinds of Blythe goods are smartphone case and stationery,wallet,T-shirt and so on.



Junie Moon regularly holds ivent.


Junie Moon holds many advantageous events,so don’t forget to check homepage!



In the past, such event is held.


Second collaboration T-shirts with Sanrio are sold in Daikanyama shop in advance.



These T-shirts are collaboration clothes with nostalgic characters in Sanrio.


◇Kero kero keroppi


◇Maron cream

◇Chiaree cham

◇Takiseed sam


I know all characters except for Chiaree cham.


In this event, everyone got the chance to purchase CWC Blythe doll, if one purchased this collaboration T-shirts with Sanrio.



We may have gotten the chance to buy these Blythe dolls.


◇Ribbonetta wish


◇Softly cadree you&me


Both Blythe dolls are very popular.


This was a big chance because we could buy Blythe doll at a fixed price.



Now in Osaka Horie shop, the exhibition by “MYBALLOON”will be held.



Goods which were made by MYBALLOON will be scheduled to be sold at noon in 2019/7/28






What’s each Junie Moon shop like? Summary of word of mouth.


【Junie Moon Daikanyama shop】


Junie Moon Tokyo Daikanyama shop is located on the ground floor of the Suzuen building in Sarugakuchou town in Shibuyaku.



・about eight walk from the station of Tokyu Touousen Daikanyama


・about twelve walk from East exit of Shibuya station



We can easily find Daikanyama because the color of the outer wall is pink!


Many pretty Blythe dolls are displayed in showcase, and we can view them from the outside.



I’ll tell you word of mouth!


@I asked shop staff if I can buy different color wig.


And the staff had the kindness to check different color wigs.


I was very happy to see her kindness.




【Junie Moon Shinjyuku shop】


Junie Moon Shinjyuku shop is located on the sevenths floor of Shinjyuku Maruianex.


This building is located on the place about ten minutes walk from Yamanotesen Shinjyuku station.



I’ll tell you word of mouth!


@This shop is lolita taste, and very cute.


I was overwhelmed by many Blythe dolls in this shop.


I felt happy as if I went this shop to see event of Blythe dolls.




【Junie Moon Horie shop】


Junie Moon Horie shop is located on the ground floor of Nakazawa Karaki building in Horie in Osaka.


This shop looks like glittering toy box!



I’ll tell you word of mouth!


@I went this shop to see the Blythe doll which I had wanted to buy for a long time.


I asked shop staff if I could take some pictures, and shop staff readily permitted me to take pictures.






How did you like this?


I introduced Junie Moon to you.


Until the end Thank you for reading.