Blythe shop Ruchadoll is surprisingly enjoyable!


Ruchadoll is too enjoyable!(>ω<)



Ruchadoll is the standard specialty doll shop.


We can purchase many kinds of dolls such as Blythe,Pullip,Dal,Byul.


Exciting events are held every month in Ruchadoll.


Ruchadoll is more than just a shop where we can buy Blythe doll and goods.


We can come into contact with others in Ruchadoll through dolls.



I’ll tell you what’s Ruchadoll like and shop’s basic information.


I’ll tell you how to enjoy Ruchadoll.


Ruchadoll writes a blog and holds events and posts and comments on Twitter,Instagram.


I’ll tell you these contents and how to enjoy these.


The basic information of Ruchadoll


Ruchadoll has a physical store and a online shop.


The physical store of Ruchadoll is located in Cyuou-ku in Niigata.


In Niigata Ruchadoll is the only standard specialty doll shop.



(Business hours)

Saturday Sunday horiday

pm 0:00〜pm20:00



pm 15:00〜pm20:00



Ruchadoll opens until late at night,so we have a relaxed time.



I’ll tell you word of mouth!


@Ruchadoll has the shooting location, and we can take photographs of Blythe doll if we pay some money.


You should go to Ruchadoll with Blythe doll!



@I made many friends whose hobby is Blythe.


I got to know more about Blythe doll.



@There is a foot massage shop next to Ruchadoll.


There are many juice vending machines around Ruchadoll.


There is a convenience store near Ruchadoll.


There is a clean toilet, so we will live for a long time.



@Events held every month are too exciting.


We swelled at photo session.


I want to go to Ruchadoll if I live near Ruchadoll.




Ruchadoll has an online shop.


Ruchadoll sells an awful lot of dolls.


Blythe,Pullip,Dal,Byul, and so on.


Many clothes and accessories are sold by size.


Besides that goods, grass eye and body are sold.


We can spend exciting time by viewing these.



I’ll tell you how to enjoy Ruchadoll!


Ruchadoll transmits information positively.


I’ll tell you contents and how to enjoy Ruchadoll.





Ruchadoll regularly posts and comments on Twitter.


The rumor that there are five owners in Ruchadoll has spreaded!


Ruchadoll often posts and comments about recommended clothes.






Ruchadoll writes a blog on ame-blo.


If you want to know more about contents of Twitter, you should read a blog.


We can get an important notice such as how to reserve Blythe doll.


We can’t miss it!






Ruchadoll posts videos on YouTube by “るちゃどぉる@沼主”.


Videos about opening new Blythe doll and events.






Variety kinds of events are held in Ruchadoll every month.


These events are very civilian.


I want to participate shooting session.



In the past, these exciting events are held.


◎Let’s gather in non-genre

eighth hundreds yen


pm14:00〜(free dissolution )


Let’s take various photographs.




◎”しゃこ” first LIVE


Let’s eat dinner! pm18:30〜


しゃこLIVE pm20:00〜


Membership fee 2500yen

to bring one meal


net delivery 1000yen




◎Let’s play analog games.





These events are very casual and exciting!





How did you like this?


I introduced Ruchadoll in Niigata to you.


Ruchadoll is a civilian and exciting shop!


I’ll recommend you to use online shop.



Until the end Thank you for reading.