Why is a false Blythe ICY doll admitted ? I’ll tell you the three attractions which an ICY doll has!



Before amateur can’t tell a real Blythe doll from a false Blythe doll.


Because a false Blythe doll looks alike a real Blythe doll.



I have heard a surprising story.


The Blythe doll whose name was “Maargo” turned out to be a false doll.


The woman bought the Blythe doll by three-hundred thousand yen!



I think these dolls are created to cheat someone.



But we can quickly find an ICY doll false, because the face of an ICY doll is different from the one of a Blythe doll.


Because of this, the seller of an ICY doll clearly states an ICY doll is different from a Blythe doll.


The cost of an ICY doll is rather cheaper than the one of a Blythe doll.



Seller solds an ICY doll as a false Blythe doll.



I think this is the very reason a false Blythe doll is admitted.



But cheap is not the only attraction which an ICY doll has.


The face of an ICY doll is very unique.


We call it “busakawa”.


An ICY doll has a merit that we can enjoy customing.



I’ll tell you the various attractions which an ICY doll has!




What three attractions dose an ICY doll have?



I’ll tell you the three attractions which an ICY doll has.



①The appearance is too unique.



At first I think an ICY doll looks very bad.


An ICY doll is made in China, it looks very very bad!


An ICY doll lifts the corner of the mouth, and crooks scheme devious plan.



There is a reason for this to have happened.


There is a rumor that the maker deliberately made a nasty ICY doll.


The reason is the makers of an ICY doll understands they will be lost in court if they are sued by the right holder of a Blythe doll.


So the face of an ICY doll is more unique than a Blythe doll.


Surprisingly I changed my mind while I saw an ICY doll at app.


I came to think an ICY doll cute.


This is not to everybody’s taste, an ICY doll has something which attracts someone.



In fact, there are three sizes.


Neo Blythe size.

Midi Blythe size.

Puti Blythe size.



I like midi size because the face of an ICY doll is very cute.


Honestly I think a midi size ICY doll is prettier than a real Blythe doll.



②The price is very cheap.


Everybody can easily find an ICY doll false, so the price is very cheap.


If the price of an ICY doll is as high as a real Blythe, nobody won’t buy it.



Many sellers sold ICY dolls by importing them.


Neo size

Market price 7000〜9000yen



I witnessed an ICY doll was sold at 4500yen.


Midi size

Market price 4500〜8000yen



There is a range of prices!



I investigated if there are another ways to buy an ICY doll.


We can buy an ICY doll at “Amazon”.


The price of an ICY doll at Amazon is 6000 yen.


I can’t fine an ICY doll at Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo!shopping.


Sellers at Amazon clearly state that an ICY doll is false and price is cheap.


This is one of the attractions which an ICY doll has.



On the other hand, we can’t admit a false Blythe doll.


☆a false “Maago” 300000yen


☆a false “Simply Guaba” 24000yen


☆a false “urban cow girl” 24000yen


☆a false “last kiss” 26000yen



③popular among the custom beginners


There are many people who want to be a famous customers among Blythe fans.


But they find it difficult to custom a Blythe doll.


It is because the price of a Blythe doll is high!



Before I tried customing a Blythe doll, and I failed.


I haven’t customed a Blythe doll since then.


But we can’t improve if we don’t practice.



I recommend an ICY doll to such a people.


There are two reasons.


・The size is same with a real Blythe doll.


・The price is cheap.



We can choose the color of eyes from 4 colors.


And we can open the head by removing the screw.


The number of the people who likes an ICY custom doll has been increasing.


Famous customers began to custom an ICY doll.



Because they can lower initial cost.






Nobody can stop the evolution of an ICY doll.


Many people came to love an ICY doll for an ICY doll’s unique face.


In fact, there are various kinds of an ICY doll.



①Various colors of hair.


There are many many kinds of hair colors.


emerald green (look like Hatune miku collaboration Blythe)



fasionable ash



Unlimited choice!



I want you to pay attention to hair quality.


Some have reported the hair quality of a Blythe doll is bad.



But the hair quality of an ICY doll is very fluffy.


I like the hair quality of an ICY doll better than that of a Blythe doll.



②A pig Blythe!?


Those Blythe dolls are named “Pochari Blythe”.


Market price 10000yen



Have you ever seen such a doll!?



Stomach is bread and drum type.


And the face is plump.



At first, I was very shocked!


My mother fell in love with this doll.


I will present my mother this doll for her birthday present.



③Custom ICY dolls are sold.


・matte skin processing

・joint body



The price goes up a little, but reputation is good.




Next I introduce a midi size ICY doll.


The face of a neo size doll is unique, but the face of a midi size ICY doll is very cute.


・a large eye

・a little lip

・relic perm long hair

・straight more straight


I want to take a picture of this doll

against the background of flower fields.



There are many color variation.


The mix color of pink and cream is very rare.


The hair quality of a midi size doll is as fluffy as a neo size doll.



Recently I have customed doll.

・matte skin processing

・joint body






Did you enjoy the world of an ICY doll?


An ICY doll is very attractive, and you will love this doll.


I recommend this doll for the beginners of custom.


Thank you for reading to the end.